Uzbekistan increases the acreage of kidney beans

This year, more than 330.5 thousand hectares of leguminous crops have been sown in Uzbekistan, the correspondent of the news agency "Dunyo" reports with reference to data from the Ministry of Agriculture.

Of these, kidney beans account for 35.8 thousand hectares, which is 5.9 thousand hectares more than last year. Kidney beans are sown on 5.1 thousand hectares as the main crop and 24.5 thousand hectares as a secondary crop, as well as 6.1 thousand hectares in the aisles of gardens. Today, this crop is grown by dehkans in Andijan, Jizzakh, Namangan, Samarkand, Tashkent, Kashkadarya, Ferghana, Syrdarya, Surkhandarya regions.

Due to the short growing season of kidney beans, in the conditions of Uzbekistan, it can be grown twice a year. In particular, it is recommended to sow as the main crop in early spring and as a repeat crop in areas exempt from spring grain crops.

Kidney beans are a nutritious and delicious product. Seeds and unripe pods in cooked form are eaten and used in the canning industry. Kidney beans are high in calories and have a higher protein content than other types of legumes.


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